Our work

We support our clients across their value chain, providing market research and intelligence, business & strategy development and corporate communications.


Symbol image Research

We conduct client research that captures trends and developments shaping their market.

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Business & strategy

Symbol image Business development and strategy

We work with clients to define and develop their market and establish strategies for success.

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Symbol image Corporate communications

We develop bespoke corporate communications solutions that help our clients differentiate themselves in their marketplace.

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Research is the foundation of a successful business strategy and the starting point for successful client relationships. Our research reveals important information about economic or industry trends, target markets, customers and other stakeholders. Our market intelligence ranges from macro-economic research to customer preferences and competitor analysis. We develop strategic solutions to put our clients ahead of the competition.

Business & strategy development

At Faber, we support our clients develop distinct business strategies to drive growth, enter new markets and strengthen their market positioning. Our business development and strategic solutions are based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ business models, their market environment and customers.

Corporate communications

At Faber, we place understanding over perception. That is why we focus on a single industry. We understand our clients’ business, their market environment and support them in delivering their objectives. Together, we develop bespoke and targeted communication strategies that differentiate our clients and build a strong recognition with their customers.